Murtco : Mechanical, Utility and General Contractors

Plumbing and Medical Gas

Plumbing and HVAC have always been a large part of the Murtco success story. We offer the full-range of mechanical services. Our typical customers include:

  • Nuclear Facilities
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Light Industrial
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial Plants and Facilities
  • Municipalities

Our employees possess appropriate licenses or certifications as required by specific codes and have adequate experience to perform any job requirements. At Murtco, no plumbing or HVAC project is too small. We have capabilities to perform any mechanical installation, trouble shooting, repair, and maintenance or any type piping configuration and HVAC including boilers.

Our employees are licensed, journeyman plumbers. Some are licensed Master Plumbers. Our HVAC installers are also experienced, licensed and master licensed workers capable of handling any job requirements. Murtco holds a Kentucky State Boilers license.

Murtco has employees certified by the Kentucky Society of Heathcare Engineers (KSHE) to install medical gas piping. We have experience with all types of medical gas piping and equipment used in hospitals and dental offices.