Murtco : Mechanical, Utility and General Contractors

Industrial, Nuclear and Radiological Facility Projects

Uranium Disposition Services, Paducah, KY

Electrical Distribution –
Consisted of installing the complete electrical services on the entire UDS site, including transformers, switch gear, underground and overhead conduit, and wiring. This included the telephone system and Plant PA system.

Cost: $ 6,853,000.00

Interior Structural and Architectural Finishes –
Consisted of primarily structural, architectural and interior construction including metal stud wall systems, insulation and drywall finishes.

Cost: $ 1,907,701.00

Mechanical Operations –
This work consisted of structural steel fabrication and installation, exterior siding, mechanical piping and supports and owner furnished equipment installation.

Cost: $ 4,136,714.00

Shaw Environmental: USEC Plant

Concrete, Piping and Electrical work:
A multitude of work consisting of underground piping systems, including concrete foundations and slab-on-grade, building erection, above-ground mechanical piping, electrical systems including overhead power supply, and the setting of owner supplied equipment.

Cost: $1,728,000.00

DEMCO Inc.: USEC Plant

Building Demolition and Disposal –
This project included Murtco providing Supervision, Safety overview, Operator and Laborer crews to demolish and dispose of the East End Smelter and the C-340C Building which included structural steel, siding, and associated electrical and mechanical systems and equipment.

Cost: $ 275,993.00

USEC, Paducah, KY

Electrical Renovation and Upgrade –
Consisted of removal of existing transformer, weighing approximately 65,000 lb., and demolition of the transformer concrete foundation. Also included placing of new concrete foundation including formwork, rebar installation, and rigging and setting of the new transformer.

Cost: $ 732,592.00

HVAC System Upgrade –
Consisted of changing out heating and cooling coils, installing mechanical piping, electrical and instrumentation for an HVAC system.

Cost: $1,108,000.00

CAAS Horn Audibility –
Consisted of excavating and installing concrete foundations, setting of tanks, air compressors and associated equipment, installing mechanical piping systems consisting of threaded, and Victaulic types and piping for audible alarms, complete electrical work associated with the wiring and alarm system.

Cost: $ 5,543,834.00

Building C-710 Laboratory Annex Renovation –
This project involved a new building facility installing site utilities including underground sewer and water systems, under slab plumbing and water piping, above ground plumbing and domestic water system and fixtures, installation of the vacuum-air-gas piping system, complete HVAC system including air handlers, ductwork, laboratory exhaust fans, and building controls.

Cost: $ 2,353,587.00

Utility Projects

I-24 / Exit 11 Sewer Expansion

Installation of 2,000’ of gravity sewer main, a 35’ deep duplex lift station, and 3,000’ of 4” HDPE force main including a 500’ directional bore under Interstate 24.

Cost: $725,000.00

Perkins Creek Pump Station Renovation and Force Main Improvements

Complete renovation of existing 2 million gallon per day pump station including paint, HVAC, electrical, pumps, and piping. Project also included installation of 7,000’ of (3) parallel 16” and 20” force mains to main wastewater plant.

Cost: $2,100,000.00

Reidland Transmission, Storage, and Pumping Improvements

Construction of 15,000’ of 16” ductile iron pipe and 17,000’ of 18” HDPE pipe for new transmission water main and construction of a new masonry pump building for 2 million gallon storage tank including all bores, services, and support work.

Cost: $3,800,000.00


Commercial Plumbing / HVAC Projects:

Luther F Carson Four Rivers Performing Arts Center

This project consisted of a full mechanical package including all plumbing, utility and HVAC work. Including but not limited to natural gas, domestic water and sanitary sewer to the building, all interior plumbing including a complete roof drain system. HVAC work included boiler, chiller, cooling tower and all associated mechanical units and HVAC piping.

Cost: $3,800,000.00

Western Baptist Hospital Heart Center

This project was a large addition to the existing hospital and consisted of the full plumbing, utility and HVAC work. We connected to utilities with-in the existing hospital while the facility remained in service. We provided a complete medical gas system including replacement of the main medical vacuum pumps. Plumbing work included a complete roof drain system and a new main backflow preventer for the hospital. HVAC work included new steam boiler, cooling tower, chiller and all associated HVAC units and piping.

Cost: $2,940,375.00

MCCH Central Energy Plant

We worked with a design build team to construct the main energy plant for the Murray Calloway County Hospital. Our work included a small amount of plumbing work for the building and a large amount of HVAC work. On the HVAC side we provided and installed the main steam boilers including associated appurtenances. We furnished and installed the main chillers, cooling towers, chemical feed system and all associated steam, hot water, condenser water and chilled water piping. A substantial amount of pre-insulated underground HVAC piping was included to tie-in to the hospitals system.

Cost: $4,372,909.00

Livingston County Elementary School

We furnished and installed a complete plumbing and mechanical system including plumbing fixtures and associated plumbing piping. The mechanical system included boiler, cooling tower, heat pumps and all associated piping. The boiler also required an above ground fuel oil tank as a back-up fuel source.

Cost: $1,210,593.00

Directional Drilling Projects:

TVA Power Plant Site
Lagoon Creek, TN

Directional boring and installation of approx. 5,000’ of 4” HDPE conduits and 200’ of 12” steel casing for telecommunication lines.

Cost: $116,000.00

Clarks River Crossing
Paducah, KY

Directional drilled and installed 700’ of 12” HDPE water main under Clarks River.

Cost: $70,000.00

TVA Power Plant Site
West Point, MS

Directional boring and installation of approx. 3,500’ of 4” HDPE conduit for telecommunications including manholes and all support work.

Cost: $140,000.00