Murtco : Mechanical, Utility and General Contractors

Utilities & Boring Services

Murtco is proud to be a highly-regarded specialist in utility construction and repairs. Our projects include:

  • Total utility packages for new subdivisions (water mains, sewer mains, storm water, natural gas mains), including sewer lift stations and pump houses
  • Sewer Mains
  • Water Mains
  • Storm water piping & inlets

We have a wide-range of clients including municipal utility companies, commercial developers, government facilities, and private industry.

Our employees are specially-trained in trench safety and understand the precautions to be taken when working in confined spaces, including first-aid and CPR.

Directional Drilling

Murtco is the leading directional drilling contractor in Western Kentucky, directional drilling is a technique that has shown itself to be very cost-effective – while at the same time proving to be safer and faster.

Directional boring has surprising capabilities. By using the Vermeer D24x40A Navigator, Murtco is equipped to bore lengths up to 1200 feet. The system allows for pullback of piping from 1” to 18” in diameter. The guidance system is accurate at depths up to 50 feet, dry or wet.  We also have the ability to bore on grade for storm and sanitary sewer applications.

Pipe Ramming

Murtco is also equipped to perform pipe ramming as an alternative to directional boring. Pipe Ramming is very well suited for sandy, gravel, and stone-filled soil conditions without creating voids and at the same time cutting down on structural and environmental damage. Pipes may range in diameter from 4” to 24” with lengths up to 100 feet.